Resolve "Your license activation failed. try again later." error, when activating the license Print

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If you encounter the following error while installing and activating the shared licensing system on your server, you can follow the methods mentioned below.

Your xx...xx license activation failed. try again later.
Please contact server administrator or [[email protected]]

In this case, the problem is the connection between your server and our license servers. If yourself are familiar with server administration and its technical issues, be sure to check the server's network settings. The manipulated network of customized servers is the most important reason for this problem. All components of server network must be healthy.

Sometimes due to temporary network disruptions between your server and ours, this error will appear for a while. In this case, if you wait for some time and execute the license update command again, you will see that the problem will be solved.

Sometimes, if you remove the license system and then reinstall it again with the instructions in your client area, the problem should be solved. In this case, there may be a problem with our license service running on your server.

In any case, if the shared license activation error is not resolved with the actions mentioned, you should send the access of the administrator or root of your server through the support ticket section of the client area, so that we can check and fix the problem.

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