Tips on paying with Bitcoin

As a decentralized payment network, Bitcoin has made it possible for everyone to pay. But in the meantime, there are some problems for this payment method, one of which is the high network fee. For this reason, we remind you of important tips here.

First of all, try to add an amount to your credit at once using the "Add Funds" method to pay your future invoices faster. In this case, you will probably pay a lower fee, and if the licensee was suspended due to non-payment of the invoice, it will be activated immediately.

You can increase the client area balance when the Bitcoin network fee is at its lowest.

Another thing you can do is convert Bitcoin to PerfectMoney and pay your invoices with this currency, which is faster. Create a PerfectMoney account and convert your bitcoins to PerfectMoney dollars. Or even without creating a PerfectMoney account, you can sell your Bitcoin and buy a PerfectMoney voucher and charge your account with that voucher. For more information, you can contact us through Ticket.

Do not forget that due to the nature of our products, which are not original, we cannot use payment methods such as PayPal.

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