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If you pay a high fee for paying your bills with Bitcoin or other digital currencies, one of the ways is to add a large amount to your user account credit using add fund and for the next times use your credit to pay future invoices with just a few clicks.

For example, if you intend to top up your account using Bitcoin, you can add funds $100 using Bitcoin, and when a invoice is issued later, by entering the page of that invoice, click on the green button, use your credit to pay your invoices with no fees deducted.

For this purpose, after entering your client area, click on "Billing" and then "Add Funds". Enter the desired amount in dollars and choose the payment method. Then click on "Add Funds". You will be directed to the gateway or page where you need to transfer the digital currency to the wallet.

To view your current credit in the client area, you can click on the Notifications button at the top of the page. If you have credit, it will be visible there. Whenever you need to use your credit, you must go to the unpaid invoice page and click "Apply Credit" button.

With the method explained to you, you can save your money. Especially if you make your payments using cryptocurrency, in which case you will pay a lower fee. Also, when you need to pay the invoice quickly, it is possible without delay.

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