Buy cPanel License with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most important digital currency that has a lot of value. If you have some bitcoins in your wallet, there are many stores that will sell you goods in return. One of the products you may need is cPanel license. Of course, many license sellers still do not accept bitcoin. But we allow you to buy a cPanel license with your bitcoin.

You should know that in addition to accepting bitcoins, our licenses are very cheap! So you might be surprised at first glance. But with enough information, you will realize that the quality of our licenses is equal to other sellers. It will only save you a great deal of money.

Each cPanel virtual server license costs about $ 5 a month, that you can pay for it, equivalent to the daily price of bitcoin. The purchase process is automatic and after 2 confirmations in Blockchain network, your license will be delivered. It is noteworthy that in addition the cPanel license, other products of the site, such as Directadmin, Cloud Linux, Lightspeed ​​licenses, etc can also be purchased with Bitcoin.

See the order page to see the list of licenses and their specifications.

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