update_cpanelv2 instruction manual

The command used to control the system of inexpensive licenses is the update_cpanelv2 command for cPanel/WHM servers. You can use this command according to this guide.

Usage: update_cpanelv2 [OPTION]

List arguments :
   --noupcp      Dont update cPanel when license need update.
   --upcp      Run cpanel update.
   --ssl-services     Run a system to generate SSL for cPanel,exim,FTP,Dovecot
   --Uninstall  Uninstall & remove our licensing system from your server.
   --version  Output version information and exit

If this command (update_cpanelv2) is used without any options, the license system will be updated as needed. and if necessary, the cPanel software will be updated as well.

But the options available in this command are that each has its own task.

  • --noupcp : This option updates the license system. while cPanel and related software are not updated.
  • --upcp : This is equivalent to /scripts/upcp command, which updates the entire cPanel software.
  • --ssl-services : With this option you can Automatically Issue LetsEncrypt SSL for all your Cpanel services, not Cpanel accounts, such as cPanel, exim, FTP, Dovecot.
  • --Uninstall : This option only completely removes the license system from the server. This option doesn't work on cPanel/WHM software.
  • --version : This option is used to display system license information, such as its version.

Note: The new version replaces the update_cpanelv3 command instead of the update_cpanelv2 command.

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